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About Us

In 2008 Andreas founded Game Fusion SAS, a Paris based company specialising in cross media technologies for digital entertainment. He authored a new  software that combines traditional 3D animation techniques and interactive game applications.  This technology has been used on custom apps for the medical industry, for entertainment media and to provide lip-sync animation services to studios for both feature film and television series productions. 


Founder & President

Andreas Carlen  

Since 1995, Andreas Carlén has provided custom software solutions for the production of automated lip-sync, games and 2D/3D animation for both television and feature film productions. He is known for a special talent for assisting producers and artists with the realization of their creative story telling process.

Andreas began his career as a lead developer for the 3D Game Company Cryo/Publicis, where he worked on real time 3D engines for broadcast and interactive media productions. In 1998, he initiated the technical developments which led to the creation of SyncMagic, a company that he co-founded and developed into a recognized industry leader and service provider for track reading and lip sync, for both animated films and series productions.

Andreas has lectured on the topic of animation pre-production techniques at the prestigious Goblin University, and has been a guest speaker at several professional animation forums. 



Software Development

Jason Wood

Mattias Carlen


Animation & Game Production

Cyrille Martin


Graphic Design , Animation & Game Production

Mirco Tomadini


Art & Media Conception

Guillaume Paris


 New  Media, Web & Brand Management

Rebecca Ross Carlen