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Lip Sync Services

GameFusion is THE provider for 3D LipSync animation services for your animated tv series, feature film and gaming productions.  Bringing you nearly 20 years of experience, Andreas Carlen, the founder of Game Fusion and developer of our 3D lip-sync software SOUND Fusion, is an industry known talent of expertise in providing automated lip-sync services to studios around the globe. GameFusion's  delivers reliable, high-quality lip-sync animation this is both time efficient and cost effective.

ZOU. 104x11' HD-CGI. Cyber Group Studios. Scrawl Studios. 2012-2014

SAMMY 52x 11' Zagtoon. Nexus factory. Nwave. M6. Tiji. Studio Canal 2013-14 - in production

LADYBUG 26x26'  Zagtoon, Method, Toei Animation, TF1, Disney, Bandaï, SamG, Curlstone 2014 - in production

MIA 39x11' HD-CGI.  Cyber Group Studios, Scrawl Studios. 2013-2014 - in production

MADEMOISELLE ZAZIE. 78x7' HD-CGI. Cyber Group Studios. Scrawl Studios. 2013

Lip-Sync Animation Sequence. GameFusion Software

Animation Tools & Productions

We create custom character and animation tools.   Let us work with your technical director to assess your needs, and create software solutions that are a custom fit for your working pipeline environment.  Character animation plug-ins for Maya, native 3D, and pre-visualization tools are just a few of the solutions we've created for clients.  Additionally, we offer a wide range of animation production services  - let us make your art or advertising project come to life!

Character Factory, Software Plug-In for Maya 2013

SCREEN TIME - QT interface script writing software 2013

GameFusion Lip-Sync Software Screenshot

Children - Guillaume Paris, GameFusion 2014

The Burning Bush Project - Guillaume Paris, GameFusion 2009

Game Development

Are you a studio looking to expand your feature film or tv series merchandising offerings into the world of mobile media? Game production is a media revolution at the forefront of digital entertainment, combining creative technologies, contemporary art and traditional media; offering new storytelling possibilities capable of conveying emotions in the most powerfully immersive media available today.  GameFusion is both proud and enthusiastic about our under-production portfolio of game titles.     

Parasite HD from GameFusion 2015 on Vimeo.

PARASITE - Tactical MMORPG with Geolocation iOS/Android game in development. GameFusion 2013-16

PARASITE - Tactical MMORPG with Geolocation iOS/Android game in development. GameFusion 2013-16

LE MANOIR - Avatar Adventure Sheet. iOS/Android game in developement. GameFusion 2013-14

TOK Layout Page01B TITLE.[00001-00300] from GameFusion on Vimeo.