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LevelEditor Language Integration and Coding

A unique feature that I am very excited about is the integration of different programming languages for a complete "in editor" programming experience. Edit and compile directly in the editor using C++, C#, C, D, or our in-house Ez languages for both native and real time performance. In adition to these native languages for in-game use, the Python and JavaScript languages have been integrated for scripting and editor extensions.

In the view above we have an example of side by side coding and 3D scene editing.

Selected scene nodes (GameObject equivalents) with attached code attributes can be viewed, edited & compiled directly in the attribute editor as illustrated above with an Ez code snippet (left panel).

Strong development focus has been put on a tight a relatively low level integration with LLVM, which we believe to be the best compiler infrastructure in the world.

Fundamentally, the integration and original use of computer languages has been a key driving force and vision behind the LevelEditor.


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